This is Matt Demon

Matt Demon called for and gathered his rock 'n' roll devils in 2009. Then and there it was as if heaven and hell had clashed at Lake Constance.

The HAMC is the oldest, best and biggest original 1%  motorcycle club in the world.

Matt himself is a member of the HAMC and lives and loves his life with his Brothers and the Red & White Family.

Each and every song comes from the bottom of Matt Demon and the Rock'n'Roll Devils heart, they show the world the middlefinger.

Disregard the propaganda, the lies. Let them condemn us!

Each and every single day we will rise like the phoenix from the ashes to kick those bastards in their asses!

Become the last resort of freedom! Show this false, hypocritical System it's boundaries.

We are the People and we decide how we want to live our lives!

In love and respect

Matt Demon